America's Leading Beverage Companies Make 100% Recyclable Plastic Bottles Including the Caps

We carefully designed them this way for a simple reason: so our plastic bottles can be used again and again.

It’s why we want them back. Plastic beverage bottles are unique. Because if our bottle is disposed of, collected and recycled properly, we can turn that bottle into a new bottle. That means we’re using less new plastic.

Our bottles can also be made into other products like coats, shirts, shoes and furniture. This means less new plastic is being used to make these products too, and it all adds up to making a real difference in reducing the amount of new plastic in the environment.

Through innovation we have already removed millions of pounds of packaging materials from the market in recent years.

By working together we can make sure that every bottle does what we designed it to do: be recycled and made into something new.

Plastic bottles can be made into products such as…

  • new plastic bottles

  • jackets

  • shoes

  • furniture

  • playgrounds

  • dog beds

  • shirts

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